How to Apply for Hayya Card or Fan ID for FIFA 2022 Qatar.

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Qatar, a country in the middle east, is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022 this year. Beginning on November 20 and lasting until December 18, the World Cup. The 32 national teams will compete in 64 games over eight stadiums during the world`s most significant football competition.


Over a million spectators are anticipated to travel to Qatar for the event, according to the organizing supreme committee. As a result, the Qatari government has introduced the FIFA World Cup Hayya Card Qatar, a required Fan ID. This is a travel document that will make it easier for both domestic and foreign supporters to enter the nation and watch sports.


What is Hayya Card or Fan ID?

The Hayya card is a component of the nation`s security plan for the World Cup. A required entry document that grants admittance to stadiums and entry into Qatar is the digital Hayya Card, also referred to as a Fan ID.

The cardholder`s name, portrait, status, match tickets, Hayya Card number, passport number, QR Code, and other crucial information are linked to this personalized and secure identification document. Easy to complete online, the electronic registration takes only a few minutes.


What is required for Hayya?
Only a few things are required for the application process:

·       Self-portrait for Qatar Hayya Card (Fan ID).

·       An electronic scan of your current passport.

·       Application number for match tickets at the FIFA World Cup 2022.

·       An appropriate email address to send the confirmation to.

·       Your debit or credit card information for making a secure application fee payment.

You must download the Hayya mobile app onto your smartphone before to your trip in order to access your Hayya Card after it has been approved.

You are not required to obtain the Hayya Card for transit in Qatar if you are a transiting passenger at Doha International Airport and do not currently require a visa to transit at Doha International airport. During the FIFA World Cup, it is difficult to leave the airport and enter Qatar without a Hayya Card.


Hayya Card Validity.

For individuals attending the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the Qatari government has issued the Qatar Hayya Card, a fan identification card. A visa is not required with this document, which is only good for the period of the competition.

As soon as your match ticket purchase has been confirmed, you should apply for a Hayya Card. Whatever the port of entry into Qatar, the procedure remains the same.


Who can Apply?

A Hayya Card is required for anyone entering Qatar or planning to watch World Cup football matches. Both individuals who live in Qatar and who have a match ticket as well as those who want to go to Qatar during this time are included.

If you have a match ticket, Keep an eye on the online Hayya platform for updates on when to register your Hayya account if you currently do not have a match ticket but still want to enter the nation during the Qatar World Cup event.

In order to enter the nation and attend matches, children and minors also require a Hayya Card. Up to two dependents (children under 18) may be listed on each Hayya Card application. For their children, parents or legal guardians must apply for a Hayya Card.


How to Apply for Hayya or Fan ID?

To apply for Hayya Card, all applicants must have a valid Ticket Application Number. They must sign up through the Hayya portal or Hayya to Qatar 2022 app (available on iOS, Android, and Huawei). Once your Hayya Card application is submitted, you will receive pre-approval pending accommodation. You must then arrange your accommodation plans in order to receive final approval for your Hayya Card.

You will receive a confirmation in your email inbox once the procedure is finished. It might show up in your SPAM. The Hayya mobile app will offer the approved Hayya Card.